It’s time to turn your passion for helping people into a career by becoming a certified life coach. Becoming a life coach has never been easier than it is today. It takes the right person and training to become a life coach, but you’ll never look back if you have what it takes. Like any profession, becoming a life coach takes a certain amount of time and education. Life coaches are more than people who give good advice. They are certified through organizations like the International Coaching Federation. These certifications are vital not just for the legitimacy of a life coach but for their skill set. 

Taking steps to become a certified life coach (ACC) can be a challenging endeavor. It’s hard to know where to start or what will be the best path for you. There are a lot of ways to become a life coach today. Plenty of websites and organizations offer courses on ICF certifications. But not all programs are created equal. To become a life coach, you must find a course you trust that will give you precisely what you need. 

Mind2Lead offers comprehensive courses on life coach certification and more. Whether you’re just looking into getting certified or interested in finetuning your skills, M2L has a program that will work. 

What You’ll Learn

Through the Mind2Lead life coach certification course, you’ll get everything you need to succeed. M2L teaches their future life coaches everything you need to know to thrive, according to industry authorities.  M2L combines ICF’s main points and the Neuroscience of Coaching. Over three months, students will be trained in the core competencies of ICF by established ICF-certified life coaches. Learn from those who have the experience you’re seeking. M2L also puts a great emphasis on the importance of neuroscience in life coaching. To be an effective life coach, knowing a bit about how the brain works is crucial. With this base knowledge, students can better understand and approach certain situations. After all, tools are useless if you don’t know how to use them.

Life coach students at M2L receive more than just education. When you enroll with M2L to become a certified life coach, you will be challenged and supported by Mentor Coaches. All M2L instructors are ICF Master Certified Coaches, so you can trust that you are being trained by the best. This network of professionals will be more than just your teachers. They will be with you every step of the way. The Mentor Coaches of M2L will give you expert feedback on your progress and invaluable pointers on how to improve. 

The curriculum comprises four units: coaching foundations, coaching skills, coaching mindset, and coaching frameworks. This will cover everything from: 

  • The difference between coaching, consulting, and therapy 
  • Asking effective questions
  • Best practices for staying connected
  • How to earn trust and stay connected. 

Your education is the first step in becoming an ACC-certified life coach. M2L gives you the building blocks and a blueprint for how to build up your future and career. 

What You Can Do

The inclusive and comprehensive nature of this program has incredible benefits. During the three months of training, you will receive actual real-world experience. Not only will you be allowed to coach, but you will also be coached. M2L puts its students in the position of a coach and being coached to get a complete understanding of the process. You will get the entire life coach experience.  This training will leave you feeling confident and comfortable in the position. You will have hands-on knowledge in this field before you’ve even taken on your first official client.  

Because the M2L staff comprises professionals, there are limitless networking opportunities. During your program, you will be trained by and alongside great minds. While you’re working toward becoming an ACC-certified life coach, you’ll be making professional connections. The people of this program are here with the same intention: to help. 

Once you’ve completed the M2L life coach certification course, you will come away with 60 credit hours and be able to apply for your ICF. With your new Mind2Lead Institute credentials, you can easily take the following steps. This program creates a clear path with no additional hoops to jump through. After just three months, you will have a new experience, industry-backed tools, and everything you need to apply to become an Associate Certified Coach.  

Why You Should Do It

Mind2Learn makes it easy to become an ACC-certified life coach. The services provided by the certified life coach program will set you up perfectly for real-world success. Few organizations can provide students with quality education in this time frame. They need the credentials to move forward in their careers quickly. M2L is run by professionals in the life coaching industry who are interested in creating the next generation. Your desire to help could be your career. All you have to do is take that first step.  

It takes a particular person to want to pursue life coaching as a career. Dedicating time and effort to your education to help others is no small decision. But M2L does make it an easy one. Go from being a compassionate person to an IFC-certified coach in just a few months. And that certification is only just the beginning. If you have been considering pursuing life coach certification of any kind, Mind2Learn can help. 


Become a life coach today and join the Mind2Lead ACC program.