There are many things at play when considering becoming a Professional Certified Coach. If you think of yourself as someone who enjoys helping people and providing guidance, you’re already headed in the right direction. A Professional Certified Coach is someone who helps guide people in their professional lives. Professional Certified Coaches might be helpful to those looking for advice on better work-life balance, ways to be a better leader, or getting over imposter syndrome. To become a Professional Certified Coach, there are specific certifications required as well as additional professional education, which needs to be completed each year. Becoming a Professional Certified Coach through Mind2Lead will get you started on the right path and help you even after your initial journey is over. 

What You’ll Learn

Mind2Lead has a top-rated Mentor Coaching program. A Mentor Coach will be with you every step toward gaining your Professional Certified Coach credentials. Mentors help coaches coach. Everyone needs guidance; they gain insight into their coaching styles and are trained in the industry standard. 

M2L’s program coaches students on coaching, not on their professional issues of shortcomings. The Mentor Coaches behind this program are here to train the next generation of Professional Certified Coaches. Through their experience, mentees will get specific feedback, strategies to improve their approach, and how to get to the next level. Completing the Mentor Coaching program only takes a total of 10 hours. It’s as simple as seven hours of group coaching and three hours in a one-on-one setting with your mentoring coach. 

This program is for more than those looking to become Professional Certified Coaches. The M2L Mentor Coaching program can help you on the smoothest path toward getting PCC certification. It can also help established Professional Certified Coaches hone their craft and renew their accreditations. Mind2Learn provides students everything they need to become certified, from educational tools to professional support. This program is created by and for industry professionals. No matter where you are in your certification journey—just at the start or always looking to learn—M2L can help you get there. 

What You Can Do

With credentials as a Professional Certified Coach, you can be all the difference in someone’s professional career. Today, work-life balance is more important than ever. The workplace has changed so much over the last few years, new struggles have emerged, and old problems have persisted. With a workforce as diverse in age as this one, there are all kinds of issues to field. From imposter syndrome to keeping up with current trends, everyone has their own set of struggles. Most people don’t have the tools to get through the day effectively. 

That’s where Professional Certified Coaches come in. With the training gained through Mind2Lead’s Mentor Coaching program, PCCs can guide their clients through even the most challenging situations. Professional Certified Coaches certified through Mind2Learn earn their credentials through the International Coaching Federation, the end all be all in licensing for this field. Professional Certified Coaches specialize in professional development and guidance. Rather than struggling along alone, those in the workforce or looking to reenter the workforce can enlist a professional’s help. 

Whether helping someone transition from one position to another or exercises to gain confidence in a role, Professional Certified Coaches know how to help. It’s more than advice and tips on resumes or cover letters. Professional Certified Coaches can be the difference between muddling through and thriving. There’s no reason for anyone to be miserable in their professional life. A Professional Certified Coach will help you. 

Why You Should Do it

Coaching is your industry if you are always the one to answer a call for help or lend a friendly ear. Maybe you’ve needed a Professional Certified Coach in the past. Now is your chance to change people’s lives. The workforce has never been more different from what we’ve known than it is today. There are a lot of troubled waters to navigate. As a Professional Certified Coach, your job is not to fix the industry but to help workers help themselves. 

Helping someone to create a healthier approach or disposition toward their career is life-changing. You can be the one to help someone realize they’re in the wrong industry entirely. You could be the person who makes it easier for people to feel fulfilled both in and out of the office. A Professional Certified Coach is someone insightful but firm and who can form a connection without becoming a crutch. A Professional Certified Coach registered through Mind2Lead can be the saving grace for countless people. 


Becoming a Professional Certified Coach with Mind2Lead is straightforward, effective, and comprehensive. Coaching Mentors offer their knowledge and guidance at every turn. Many people out there need a helping hand, and you could be the one they need. Learning from the best and cultivating a set of healthy tools are just a few of the things that Mind2Lead offers its students. Helping and improvement never end. Mind2Lead will coach you on being the best coach, time and time again. If you are interested in learning more about Professional Certified Coaching services and Coaching Mentorships, this is the place to learn.

Note: This particular certification is not aimed at sports, healthcare, or medicine. Professional Certified Coach refers to a Life Coach looking to get their PCC or retain Mentor Coaching Services. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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