Master Certified Coach Services

Life Coaching Supervision, a part of the Mind2Lead Master Certified Coach Services, is a collaborative learning practice that continually builds the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue.

Coach Supervision focuses on the support and development of the coach through their journey to becoming a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and creates a safe environment for them to share their successes and failures.

As a coach, you have the professional capacity to help bring about significant changes for individuals, groups, and organizations. Your work can also profoundly influence people who may be rendered vulnerable and possibly dependent in a life-changing situation or transition.

Become masterful in the way that you work with your clients…

M2L Master Certified Coach
M2L Master Certified Coach

Why Coach Supervision?

Coach Supervision is a formal opportunity for you to share (in confidence) your caseload activity to gain insight, support, and direction for yourself. This, in turn, enables you to better work in the service of your clients and make the MCC journey easier. All of this is designed and delivered within all the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies.

Coach Supervision provides you with a Master Certified Coach who:

  • Helps you benchmark your practice against best practice
  • Works through ethical dilemmas with you
  • Brings a perspective on the quality of the coaching practice
  • Draws on the best practice of psychotherapy and counseling supervision and places it within a coaching orientation.

Mind2Lead MCC Services uphold the principles of coaching, mentoring, and the coaching relationship to get you to your MCC certification much more efficiently.

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The Mind2Lead ICF Coach Supervisors

All Mind2Lead Coach Supervisors are all fully-qualified and experienced in coaching supervision, all are ICF Certified Coaches (Master Certified), and all subscribe to the International Coaching Federation’s code of ethics.

M2L Master Certified Coach

The Mind2Lead Master Certified Coach Services Supervisors are:

  • Significantly trained and experienced in supervision
  • In touch with developments in the field of coaching and with current coach training
  • Knowledgeable about corporate life, organizational systems, and the ability to ‘read’ organizations
  • Knowledgeable in psychological theory, especially as it relates to professional life and relationships
  • Sensitive of the coach’s situation
  • Flexible in working with different coaching and learning styles
  • Ethical and maintain professional standards of the ICF certified coaching
  • In regular supervision themselves