There is much more to becoming an ACC-certified life coach than most people think. In the age of self-care, it’s easy to think everyone has it all figured out. But the truth is that everyone needs some help. Everyone out there needs a little personal or professional guidance or support. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost trying to keep every plate spinning. Finding the tools you need to get by on your own is not always easy. That’s where life coaches come in. Life coaches use their outside perspective and professional skillsets to guide their clients toward their happier and more fulfilled selves. Without this guidance, so many people would be stumbling through life. 


The life coach career track has been around for a long time, but recently it has taken on new life. If you enjoy and often find yourself in the advice-giver or guidance counselor role, consider becoming a certified life coach. You would be educated on best practices for helping people as a certified life coach. Becoming a certified life coach is a great way to turn your passion for helping people into a fulfilling and worthwhile career. As a certified life coach, you would be able to get people through personal and professional struggles. 


Professional Help


Certified life coaches (ACC)—or professional coaches as they are sometimes called—help people figure out their careers in professional settings. Whether they are already in their chosen field or still need help figuring that out, a life coach can help with that journey. Going into a professional setting as a life coach could be an excellent way to combine your new skills with your established skill set. Professional coaching can be anything from exploring options and better employment opportunities to assisting in earning new qualifications and abilities. 


Personal Help


A personal life coach is not a therapist, but they can still offer help. ACC-certified life coaches are often more accessible to people than therapists and can be a stepping stone toward entering therapy. Being a personal life coach to someone can fill any number of roles. Everyone needs something a little different in their lives. As a personal life coach, you could act as a sounding board, advisor, teacher, or confidant. A personal life coach can give guidance and tips on any hurdle. Just to name a few, a certified life coach can help with things like: 


  • Better coping mechanisms
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Navigating relationships
  • Setting boundaries 


Becoming a certified life coach, especially today, could take your life in many directions. A sound support system is more important than ever; life coaches are essential for some people. Being a certified life coach is a cornerstone in the world of mental health. You can quickly become a life coach with proper training and a desire to help others. Whether listening to someone for an hour a week, recommending a workbook, or assigning self-care homework, life coaches are here to help. A life coach certified by Mind2Lead will be perfectly equipped for personal and professional coaching. 


Certified life coaches help people set themselves up for success. They help people navigate the big and small problems of their lives. For some, having a life coach has been the difference between being stuck and flourishing. If you’re the kind who would help someone at the drop of a hat, you might be ready to be a certified life coach. The importance of certified life coaches cannot be undersold; becoming one could change someone’s entire world. 


Become a life coach today and join the Mind2Lead ACC program.