Becoming a Professional Certified Coach takes time, dedication, and effort. It takes a particular person to be an effective Professional Certified Coach. Becoming a Professional Certified Coach is a constant journey and includes additional years of education after completing your course work. It can be challenging to pursue, but some people are more than willing to help you. Mentor Coaching is just one of the things that Mind2Lead offers its students on their journey. 

Mentor Coaching 

Let’s first go over what Mentor Coaching is. Much like Professional Certified Coaches, Mentor Coaching is a role sanctioned and certified by the International Coaching Federation. Mentor Coaching is all about helping students fine-tune their coaching skills. Mentor Coaches are here to help you be a better coach by working specifically on how you coach. Mentor Coaching is not a Professional Certified Coach for students or a coach supervisor. They do not assist with work-life balance for students or how to set up a coaching practice. Mentor Coaching is focused on getting students up to ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards and competency. 

The purpose of Mentor Coaching is to provide future Professional Certified Coaches with professional guidance. Through M2L mentor and mentee will meet one-on-one during the mentee’s studies, and from these sessions, the Mentor Coach will take notes and provide feedback. This feedback will be both oral and written and will highlight areas of improvement. The advice from these sessions will be specific to your weaknesses and ways to develop. Mentor Coaches know precisely what to look for, but they also know that each coach is unique. There is no generic guidance to be found from a Mentor Coach, only custom tips. Mentor Coaching is meant to help create the next generation of Professional Certified Coaches. There will be bumps on the road to becoming a Professional Certified Coach, but you don’t have to figure them out alone. Mentor Coaching ensures you don’t have any blind spots in your coaching skills. 


Now that we know what Mentor Coaching is and how it works let’s review some benefits. Imagine trying to self-study psychology, human resources, and neurology simultaneously. You have books and resources but no one there to check your work or show you better ways to arrive at conclusions. Sounds impossible, right? Becoming a Professional Certified Coach without Mentor Coaching is a lot like that. Mentor Coaching provides students with professional insight. These coaches have been through the process and have years of experience. Having a professional resource like this grants an extra perspective into your practices that you wouldn’t have on your own. 

Mentor Coaching sessions happen at intervals that allow students to apply the corrections they receive in real situations. Improvements aren’t expected overnight, so Mentor Coaching lasts for ten one-hour sessions. Mentor Coaching will give you tools you simply couldn’t find alone. Mentor Coaching amplifies strengths and prepares a plan for weaknesses. Without this additional counseling, it would take twice as long to be half as good at this job. Professional assistance like this is the best way to become the best Professional Certified Coach you can be. 


Mind2Lead wants to ensure that becoming a Professional Certified Coach is as smooth as possible. Mentor Coaching is the perfect solution to becoming a Professional Certified Coach. Mentor Coaching connects those who desire to help with those who are actively helping. This profession is all about helping people, so why not accept a little help yourself?


Note: This particular certification is not aimed at sports, healthcare, or medicine. Professional Certified Coach refers to a Life Coach looking to get their PCC or retain Mentor Coaching Services. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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